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Data Science for your business.

There was a time when Machine Learning, AI and Data Science seemed like the domain of big tech. However times have changed and businesses of all sizes are now able to harness these skills. We look to answer the simple question: What is best for your business? This could be anything from a simple data analysis, to a building a cloud based machine learning application.


Do you have the data but don't know where to start? We can help you to ask the right questions and achieve the insights that you require.


Do you wish for something more than a report and a spreadsheet? We can turn that into a reality and create bespoke software for your team.

Cloud Migration

Do you run everything on premises? Do you look enviously at the cloud and wonder how you can get your operation into it? Our expertise can turn that into a reality.


Data analysis, report creation or any other repetitive task can be automated saving you valuable time. Let us show you how automation could liberate your workforce.


Are you looking at creating KPI's for your business but are not sure where to start? We can help you create the analytics to drive your business.

Data solution

Does your current data solution feel unsuitable for purpose? We can help you get your data in the appropriate solution to be accessable yet secure.

How we make it happen.

The road from data to insight involves a great degree of technical expertise. We are a group of Pythonistas and these are the tools of our trade.


Everything we do revolves around Python we love it and its the perfect glue which we build everything with..


Can you imagine not having a DataFrame in Python. When it comes to working with data wrangling there is nothing finer.

Scikit Learn

For machine learning its a classic and we have been using it for a long time and have nothing but good things to say.


Although we are big scikit learn fans we always try what else is on the market and we are enjoying playing with Tensorflow.


Its not always complex ML/AI thats needed and if you need a statistical library to support your needs you need to look no further.


Its maybe not the most fashionable package but its so crucial to effect Data Science in Python and its more than worthy of mention.


Sometimes you just need to go fast and pure Python wont cut it. Previously we would use a compiled language for speed but with Numba we get all the benefit and keep it all Python.


Visualisation is such a key component in effective communication of your findings and we use enjoy what Seaborn offers us in terms of out of the box images and customisation.

Want to talk it through.

We understand that looking to implement Machine Learning, AI and Data Science into your company is a big deal and you want to get it right. That's why we dont charge you to have a chat. So if you just want to discover what you could do we can give you an idea of what could be achieved and you are committing to nothing up front. Sound good, well get in touch.

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