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Whether you are looking to get your project off the ground, in need of some extra bodies to support your current team or somewhere in between, we are here to help. We have an array of developers from junior to CTO level experience who are able to support your needs. Check out a selection of what we currently use.

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The Alchemax Tech List.

Here is the list of what's hot with us right now. We always look to find the right tool for the problem we have so keep an eye out as we will update as we share new tech that works for us.


Everything we do revolves around Python we love it and its the perfect glue which we build everything with..


If its good enough for Instagram then its good enough for us. But seriously its a great framework for web development.


For cloud we choose AWS. We are all over lambda and anything serverless. It plays nice with Python and as such wins with us as a cloud provider.


We have really got into containerisation when we need it and docker plays a bit part in what we do allowing us to spin up and deploy much faster than we could before.


It goes without saying you need to use git and we prefer gitlab. One of the main reasons is its CI/CD solution which is really easy to use and why make life harder for yourself.


Given the adoption of Django it makes sense to use Postgres as our database of choice. We use it to adopt a SQL/NoSQL hybrid across our projects.

Fast API

With both Flask and Django mentioned for APIs we have a new kid on the block in FastAPI. Its currently in use for an internal project but it was a worthy addition and it could take over from Flask for us.


We turned to Poetry for virtual environments based on a reccomendations and we havent looked back. It just feels the right way to work in virtual environments and it works great with our CI/CD.

If what you need isn't on the page, just ask us.

This page doesn't cover every project or piece of work we have done, and certainly the hot list doesnt demonstrate everything we use and can use. So if you have a specific need just reach out and we can let you know if we have the capability to help. If you are unsure of what you need then likewise drop us a message and we can let you know how we would do things.

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